Arraial D'ajuda

History of Arraial D'Ajuda

Arraial D'Ajuda has a great importance in the history of Brazil. Here, find some history.

At the beginning of the reign of D. Manoel I, between March 9 and April 22, 1500, about one thousand five hundred Portuguese crossed the Atlantic, embarked on nine ships, three faces and a small ship of groceries. It was the second aramda India, a major one that is ever from Portugal on the way to the world. Havida sailed from the Tagus with 13 ships, but on March 23, in the calm but misty waters of Cape Verde one of the nations disappeared without a trace.

On April 22, 1500, after 42 days of travel, the fleet of Pedro Álvares Cabral glimpsed land "a great mountain", to which the captain gave the name Monte Pascoal and to the land the Land of Vera Cruz.

The following day, April 23, they began as soundings of the seabed and some ships anchored in front of the Atlantic Forest. Captain Nicolau Coelho has been the first place in Brazil, when he meets a small group of Tupiniquins Indians, who belonged to the Tupi-Guarani group.

Porto Seguro was the seat of one of the 15 hereditary captaincies with which King D. João III ordered to divide Brazil, in an attempt to promote its colonization and administration.

The first Marian Shrine of Brazil, located 5 miles south of Porto Seguro. The Arraial D'Ajuda was a homage to Tomé de Souza and the first Jesuits that were available in 1549, with its 3 ships: Conceição, Salvador and Ajuda, which are one of the names of cities and their first churches. The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda is located on a hill overlooking the sea, built in 1551.

The image of Our Lady of Ajuda that is not the pediment of the Church is venerated in pilgrimage from the middle of century XVI.

And it was around this church that formed the camp that gained this name.

The miraculous source is protected by a simple construction, on the slope that gives access to the knoll.

The beauty of the village attracted visitors from all over the world, especially after the 70s.

Beautiful beaches with bustle, or simply intact, with cliffs in various shades.

Reefs form natural pools of calm and green waters.