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Pataxó Indigenous Reserve

The Jaqueira indigenous reserve tour aims to present a little more than this natural lifestyle, which inspires us to know the history of Brazilian ancestors. Located in an area of ​​800 hec. where the Pataxó Indians managed to rescue their culture and traditions. An unforgettable experience of contact with dances, music, gastronomy and an incredible harmony with nature, absorbing this magic through the five senses during the experience that rescues the indigenous roots.

Space works as an important link between the Indians and their culture, their habitat and the relationship with the white man. Knowing closely the secrets kept by nature through the years is the purpose of this visit, made in small groups accompanied by indigenous guides members of the Pataxó community. Departure from the hotel from 08:30 in the direction of Porto Seguro, crossing the ferry that connects Arraial to Porto Seguro. The trails are of various levels of difficulty and present various curiosities of the indigenous culture. This tour includes a visitation fee that guarantees the sustainability of 50 families living directly from this project.

Visit to Santo André and Guaiú beach.

Duration? 6 hours

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