To know the exotic and forested places of the rivers of the region interacting with the diversified ecosystems and full of life. The transmission times are in the morning as 9am or in the afternoon as 3pm with approximate time from 2am to 6pm. The main rivers are the River Trancoso, the Rio da Barra and the Rio dos Frades is an expedition and accompanied by special guides and a support car that are positioned in places, according to our team along the route.

Canoeing on the river Trancoso

R $ 170,00 per person

Canoeing in Rio de Barra

R $ 150,00 per person

Canoeing on the Caraíva river

R $ 270,00 per person - MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE

Canoeing on the river of the Friars

R $ 250,00 - per person MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE