Tour - Whales

Departures: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (minimum 15 pax)
Hours: 8:45 am - Ferry from Arraial d'Ajuda (without Biroska bar)
9:00 - Lecture on board.
9:30 - Departure.
14:00 - Expected return.

Price: R $ 230,00 / Adult.
R $ 165,00 / Child from 05 to 10 years old.
Children under 5 years do not pay.

Includes: water, coconut water, soda, biscuits (sweet and salty) and fruit on board.
Vessel: Bondosa - two engines, bathroom, part covered.

On board the Caramuru, the Maitei Hotel intends to take its guests in search of docile and curious Jubarte whales.

The thrill of watching one of the greatest animals on Planet Earth is indescribable, just going there to feel !!!

The tour begins with an interesting talk about the activity itself and about the Whale

- All exits are accompanied by a marine biologist who gives the talk and besides guiding the tour, also collects data on the whales being sighted.

- On board we have a hydrophone that is used to listen to the singing of the whales.

"There's only no way out if the wind is too strong, the rain does not get in the way."

The departures are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 8:30, with return scheduled for 14:00 hrs. The boat is fast and proper for this activity and we have a team of sailors qualified and trained to meet the public and of course, to find the whales in the immensity of the sea.

Important informations:

- Each day the tour is different as regards the time of navigation until finding the whales and the behaviors that will be sighted. They are wild animals and are in an area, not at a fixed point.

- We have managed to do all the exits with sightings, but in case you can not see the whales, the client can take the tour another day or we give back 50% of the amount paid.

- To avoid possible nausea we advise taking a Dramin at breakfast time and not drinking too much liquid in it.