Oceanic fishing can be practiced all along the coast, from the Northeast to the South, highlighting some special points, such as the coast of Bahia.

The Maitei Hotel invites you to experience the thrill of open sea fishing in the clear blue waters of the southern coast of Bahia. Regardless of the level - from beginners to experienced fishermen.
Brazil has come to figures on the map of the international circuit since the break of the world record of the Blue Marlin with a copy of 636 kg.

A dream of many, a reality for the few. It is the fishing of the king of the seas, the blue marlin, the most coveted of ocean fishing. The world's largest beaked fish has irresistible features for any fisherman: it's sporty, fast, requires the most heavier equipment, and all the fisherman's technique and brute strength.

= inheritWe are close to the rocky bank Royal Charlotte, a sort of underwater mountain with a plateau at the top, where the marlins are concentrated in search of the bountiful food. The name of the formation was given 18, in honor of Queen Charlotte (England, wife of King George III, who lived between 1738 and 1820). The bank stretches from Porto Seguro to Belmonte and, in the sea, goes 50 miles from the coast. Its base is 2,000 meters and the depth of the plateau varies between 35 and 700 meters. The formation causes a reflux in the north slope of the sea current, bringing to the surface the nutrients sedimented in the bottom of the ocean. The phenomenon, known as resurgence, attracts large numbers of fish, in search of food. For the blue marlin, predator at the top of the food chain by an English navigator, in the seventh, is a full plate.

= inheritMas there is also great incidence of Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, Pelagic, Golden (Mahi Mahi), Mackerel, Wahoo, Barracudas, Tunas ... closer, there are 35nm (nautical miles), on the abyssal platform, in the form of Trolling corrico). We fish only with artificial lures, sailing approximately 100 to 120nm per day.

= inherit We should point out that our intention is always to preserve the life of the fish, even though there are cases where it dies fighting, so we release all that are catching and release, ecologically correct, preserving species, always being more sportsmanship is important.

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= maximum of 4 fishermen.
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