Maitei Hotel – Arraial d’Ajuda – Bahia – Brasil

This small family-owned hotel, with just 17 apartments, invites you to experience the sensations of the South of Bahia.

Maitei means “greetings” in Tupi-guaraní; and this is the way we welcome our guests and the whole biodiversity in which we are immersed.

Textures, savors, sounds, flavors, incredible natural sceneries, local communities, organic producers, simplicity, are some of the elements we combine to offer you the best cultural, gastronomic and sports experiences.


The Maitei concept is, essentially, the welcome to life and its sensations: it is the being and sensing translated into hospitality and experiences.

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It represents the deep love Architect Luciano Soares felt for the exuberant nature of Arraial d’Ajuda and for the village warmth.

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A scenario that inspires you to celebrate life and its most important moments.

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A pleasure trip through colours, savors and textures.

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We are part of a select list of small hotels and amazing destinations