Privacy policy

This Privacy Statement is valid for, owned and operated by Hotel Maitei. This Privacy Statement describes how we collect and usage the information, witch can include personal data you give on our website: It also describes the options you have about use of your personal data and how you can access and update them.

Personal data the types of personal data we collect include:

-Your name, last name, e-mail.Phone and a address; -Credit card information (credit card brand, number, name, owner’s card full name, card’s expiration date and security code)

  • Guest information including check-in and check-out’s day, special requests, comments about your service preferences (including room preferences, amenities, or any other services);
  • All Information you provide about your marketing choice across researches, competitions or promotional offers;
  • You always can choose wich personal information you want provide us.-how ever you don’t provide us some information, this can affact some of your transactions.

Information that we collect automatically

When you assec s our website, we collect information automatically, some of information might be personal data. This includes information like; language , address IP, location, device operating system, logging information, usage time, requested URL, status report, user agent, operational system, result (visitor or guest), browsing history, ID to user, and data types displayed. For more information about how we use cookies, click here.

Processing Purposes

We use your personal information to: -A- Booking: we use your personal information to conclude and maneger your online booking. -B. Customer service: we use personal information to do customer service. -C. Guest’s reviews: we can use your contact information to invite you by e-mail to write about us after your check-out . This can help other people to choose the better room for themselves. If you send a guest review, that can be posted on our site.

-D. Marketing activities: we use your personal information also for marketing activities, respectint to the laws. When we use your personal information for marketing, like newsletters and marketing communications about our services and product or other things you may be interested, we include a link that you can use to cancel your subscription in case you don’t want us to send you new messeges.

-E. Other communication: in other cases we can contact you by e-mail, post offices, phone or massege, depending of what personal information you want to share with us. There are a lot of reason for this: -a. We can reply and help with request you might have. -b. If haven’t finished an online booking, we can sent you an e-mail reminder , and you can finish your booking. We believe this is necessary for you to continue your booking and not needing to do any search. -c. When you use our services, we can send you a searvy or invite you to do a guest review about your experience in our site. We believe this is necessary for you and for us, in order we can make our web site better with your evualuation. -F. Data analyze, improvement and research: We use personal information for conduct research and data analysis. We can ask another company to do this. We can share and publish a research’s result with other partnear company with anonymous and aggregate.

-G.Safety, fraud detection and prevention: we use information that might include; personal data, to prevent fraud and othr illegals activities. We also use this information to investigate and detect frauds. We can use personal information to analyze the risk and for security purposes, including user authentication. Personal data can be shared with autorithies, in accordance with the law, and external consultants.

-H. Legal an Compliance: some cases, we can use personal datas for legal matters or claims, investigations an compliance with regulations, to settle agreement (s) or to comply with legal requests of the competent authorities, according to the law.

  • If we use automated tools to process personal data that have legal effects or affect you significantly, we will implement measures to safeguard your rights and freedom, including the right to have human intervention.

Legal Grounds Considering A and B, we expect a contract to be fulfilled: To usage of your information may be necessary to homered the contract you have with us. For example, if you use our services for a online booking , we will use your data to go through our obligation of complete and manager this reservation in accordance with the agreement we have with you.

  • Considering C and H, we rely on your legitimate interests: we use your information for our legitimate interests, such as providing you with the best possible contet on the site, on emails and newsletters, to improve and promote our products, services and content on our website and for a managing purposes , fraud detection and legal matters . By using personal data to rely our legitimate interests, we will always take in to your rights and interests to protect your information in comparison and also tour rights and interests

  • Considering H,when required, our obligation to comply with applicable laws.

When required, in accordance with applicable laws, we will ask for your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing.

If will necessary, and according to the law, we will ask you for your consent. You can revoke it at any time by contacting us in any of the addresses at the end of this Privacy Statement.

If you want to go aganst the processing in C to F and there is no mechanism available for you to do so, (for example, in your account settings), you may contact at any time

It is important for us that your personal information its complicate , right and up to date . Please notify us immediately of any change or incorrect information in your personal data by contacting We will take your request in accordance with the applicable laws.

Question or complaints
If you have any question or concern about how we process your personal information, or want to have any of your rights above mendioned., Please contact us by You can also contact your local data protection authority with questions and complaints.