Sustainability is, at Maitei Hotel, a representation of our lifestyle in Arraial. It shows why our hotel is so unique among the options offered at the village. Maitei deeply and affectionately values the village culture and traditions, and supports community development associations, family and organic agriculture and promotes environmental preservation.

Prioritizing an architecture with low impact on the environment, the hotel has employed in its buildings, solar panels and native raw materials to a large extent, such as wood or bamboo, and dendê cloth, plus local labour with a native team to make possible all the experiences offered to our guests. We also back social serious programmes, with a real commitment.

This posture and practices are part of the Maitei Group identity. We advance together in a collaborative chain which aspires to distinct and gradual changes, always in pursue of actions to promote the preservation of the environment, of our Arraial village and of the people that works daily with true effort and dedication.